Accommodation in Italy and Cheap Travel to Italy

Italy is truly a pearl in the Mediterranean. You cannot go far without seeing another historical or natural treasure. Italy is not only a very rich historic artistic country, but it is also a very diverse mix of people, cultures, experiences and complexities. Its politics is one of the most complex things in the world.

Italy is also one of the countries with the most people participating with Hospitality Club project, so why not explore it?

Naples and its gulf; the centre of Ferrara; Castel del Monte in Puglia; traditional dwellings in Alberobello; Byzanthium style churches in Ravenna; the Royal Palace in Caserta; the Savoia Palaces in Piemonte; Cinque Terre in Liguria; Archeological areas of Pompei and Ercolano; the Amalfi Coast; Archeological area of Agrigento and Piazza Armerina; Late Barocco Sicilian cities of Noto and Avola; centre of Urbino; Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este in Tivoli; Eolie islands; St. Francesco sites in Assisi and surroundings; centre of Verona; Caltagirone and its azulejos; the Orvieto’s Dome; Cappella degli Scrovegni in Gonzaga’s city of Mantova; the little indipendent nike aire max Republic of San Marino just to name the nike air max bw most known ones .

Skiing and snowboarding in the Alps and in the Appennines and trekking in almost every mountain place, especially in Belluno that owns air max 90 the large majority of the Dolomites Range and its best places ( Cortina to name the best known ) but also in the Appennines and air max 95 in the Barbagia (Sardinia)Other interesting things to see and do: foods and nike air max pas cher wines, natural parks, air max tn folk and religious festivals, volcanoes, soccer nike air max 90 pas cher matches, formula 1 and motorcycles races, fashion, shopping. It’s not enough?.