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Evolution of shipsAt the end of the 18th C., we see faster sleeker vessels that could serve both for war and for commerce. The Arniston shown below is typical of such a versatileBritish East Indiamen measuring between 1100 and 1400 registered tons. Built for the Royal Navy, as air max enfant 56 gun Fourth Rate Ships of the Line, the Arniston measured 175 feet overall length, 43 feet beam, 17 feet draft. It was used as a troop ship. These frigates were also popular for the Opium trade. They also seem to have started a style: black hull with a white stripe.

East India Docks (1851)

Opium Clippers (1831)

Ships in Harbour (Formosa, 1857)

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ClippersStung by their inability to counter the naval blockade by the British during the war of 1812, the Americans would concentrate on the development of air max 90 pas cher fast sailing ships; the result was the clipper, often capable of reaching 20 knots, in contrast to the 5 6 knots attained by other ships of the day. The winner would get a higher price for his cargo as well as the glory of winning. The most memorable race took place in 1866, when starting from Fuzhou, after 100 days at sea, Taeping and Ariel raced neck air max classic and neck up the Thames france air max and arrived within 20 minutes of each other. air max bw pas cher The opening of the Suez nike air max bw canal in 1869, marked the end of the Clipper era. The tea and mail trade was taken over by steamships and most of the clippers transferred to the Australian route, carrying general cargo and passengers to either Sydney or Melbourne, and returning with wool.

Clippers in Honolulu harbourIn the heyday of clippers (1840 1860), many sailing records were set for voyages between distant ports. There are a dozen recorded cases of clippers travelling over 400 nautical miles in 24 hours; almost exclusively by US ships. On longer routes, clippers would 150 nautical nike air max 90 pas cher miles /day and 200 nm/day would set records.